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CARL’s ears are designed to support any kind of hearing device, tool, or methodology.

Select your choice of ear anatomy and ear style. 

Realistic - Acoustic realism and real ear feel. One light skin tone and one dark skin tone included.

Durable - Stiffer material for earmold impressions. Clear material.


Please note: Baby CARL ears are only compatible with the Baby CARL unit

  • CARL Bendy | Bend Angle 90 degree bend at 15mm depth
  • CARL Bendy | Canal Diameter 12.6mm
  • CARL Bendy | Canal Length 32mm
  • CARL Bendy | Eardrum Diameter 10.6mm
  • CARL Large | Canal Diameter 13.5mm
  • CARL Large | Canal Length 32mm
  • CARL Large | Eardrum Diameter 11.5mm
  • CARL Small | Canal Diameter 12.5mm
  • CARL Small | Canal Length 32mm
  • CARL Small | Eardrum Diameter 8.5mm
  • Shipping Box Depth 229 mm (9")
  • Shipping Box Height 69.9 mm (2.75")
  • Shipping Box Weight 0.91 kg (2 lbs )
  • Shipping Box Width 165 mm (6.5")

Anatomical Realism

Developed directly from clinical CT scans to represent patient-specific anatomies with over 5 years of fine-tuning and optimization to find the best material properties for your use. CARL Ears are the closest to patients that you can get in the world.

Built to Last

Ears have been tested in a variety of environments along with industry-leading suppliers of reliable material characteristics. Can withstand even the most inexperienced clinicians!

Implementation Resources

Implementation resources and on-demand support for integration and use of your CARL

CARL Ears DocumentationEverything you need to understand your CARL, set up your CARL, and get started with your implementation!
Download Specifications >Download In-box Documents >
CARL Educational ResourcesCore documents and implementation resources to make the most of your CARL inside of an educational setting.
Education Needs Analysis >Intro to Simulation >See all >
CARL Clinical ResourcesCore documents and implementation resources to make the most of your CARL inside a clinical/corporate environment.
Clinic Needs Assessment >Download CARL for Patient Consultations >See all >
CARL How-to-GuidesIn-depth resources to help you with your day-to-day CARL uses.
Real Ear Measurement >Cerumen Management >See all >

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