CARL Carrying Case

CARL Carrying Case

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A customized ruggedized carrying case for CARL that is customized to hold your CARL on the move.

Carrying Case has been optimized for minimal size and maximize safety for cost effective shipping and handling. If taking your CARL with you, the carrying case is sized for a carry-on luggage size to ensure you do not lose site of your CARL.

 The carrying case has a custom ear holder mounted within that can hold up to three sets of CARL ear anatomies. If more than three sets of ears are included with your CARL at purchase, they will be included in a separate package.

Package Includes

  • CARL Carrying Case customized for your CARL and Ears
  • Foam Insert
  • Product Depth 236 mm (9.3”)
  • Product Height 429 mm (16.9”)
  • Product Width 328 mm (12.9")
  • Shipping Box Depth 236 mm (9.3”)
  • Shipping Box Height 429 mm (16.9”)
  • Shipping Box Width 328 mm (12.9")
  • Shipping Weight 4.54 kg (10 lbs)

Travel With Confidence

The CARL Carrying Case is built with travel in mind. The lightweight case is convenient to transport, and can be taken as a carry-on on an airplane. The customized foam insert gives you confidence that CARL will reach the end of your flight unharmed.

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