Your Validated Stand-in Patient for Hearing Healthcare

anywhere you need a patient, carl is there

CARL is an advanced universal head manikin for a wide variety of tasks within hearing healthcare including training, research, and product demonstrations.

CARL is made directly from patient scans for the most accurate simulation of a hearing loss patient available today.

Trusted by the industry's best

Hearing clinics

CARL has driven higher efficiency and client satisfaction at the world's leading hearing clinics.

higher education

CARL has trained 1000+ of the next generations of hearing healthcare clinicians.

hearing device manufacturers

CARL has contributed to the development, testing, and promotion of more than 5 generations of hearing aids and equipment.

Teaching & Research Institution

CARL has streamlined our methods for teaching earmold impressions, probe mic measurements, hearing aid fittings, and other "on-ear" procedures.

Faculty support from the team at AHead Simulations includes a website with robust on-demand tools and real-time training personalized to our teaching needs. Our faculty highly recommend CARL products to anyone teaching future hearing healthcare providers.

Rebecca Krouse
Ozark Technical Community College

Single-Location Hearing Clinic

The number one thing for a successful hearing aid user is getting the hearing aid on their ear properly. If the client can’t get the hearing aid on their ear, they can have the best devices in the world - they’re not going to work.

At Hearing Beyond, we use training tools like the CARL simulator to effectively teach patients about their hearing devices - it is a gamechanger for clinical practice.

Frank Talarico
Audiologist & Owner, Hearing Beyond

Teaching & Research Institution
From hands-on learning labs to capstone projects to enhanced clinical skills, we use our CARL every semester in so many different ways. With CARL we practice: earmold impressions, earmold insertion/removal, cerumen management, transducer placement, hearing aid verification, otoscopy, RECD, SREM, pediatric fittings, and so much more. Every year we come up with more reasons to use CARL. He’s part of our Program Family!

Lauren Felton
Washington University of St. Louis

Multi-location Hearing Clinic

I came to rely on the use of CARL as an integral part of onboarding.

Within a single session, it allowed the rapid evaluation of proficiency and comfort with verification and allowed me to determine if additional training was needed or coaching on the value and importance of its routine use.

Andreas Seelisch
Director of Audiology, Hearing Solutions

Teaching & Research Institution

Overall, having access to a set of CARL Simulators has allowed me to overhaul my teaching, for the better. I am able to do a better job, more consistently, and set up experiential learning activities that have high face validity and that can be expected to transfer to clinical practice. At this point, I can safely say that I wouldn't teach without CARL. He is a game changer.

Susan Scollie
Director, National Centre for Audiology

Teaching & Research Institution

CARL is very useful for our audiology students because it allows them to practice real-ear measurements, ear impressions and cerumen extraction independently and safely. We also use CARL during practical exams, which provides a standardized testing condition for all our students.

CARL is a very valuable addition to our lab!

Mathieu Hotton
Laval University

I have been very impressed with the AHead team. If we have any questions or concerns, they get back to us immediately and talk us through what needs to be done. 

These CARLs have helped us provide hands-on instruction and practice for our students, who have, in turn, reported feeling more confidence as they transition to working with patients. Implementing these simulation capabilities has really been a win-win situation for our program.

Cindy Richburg
Wichita State University

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