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Audio CARL is a manikin designed to simulate a hearing loss patient. Audio CARL users will be able to practice with real audiometers to 'test' CARLs hearing.  Microphones mounted at CARL’s eardrum will also be enabled for in-canal sound recordings and visualization of sound delivered to CARL’s eardrum. 

Audio CARL also has all the same great functionality and features as the Base CARL.

Audio CARL orders have a 4-6 week delay from order received to when it will arrive. Please confirm with a member of the AHead team if you require exact timeline on when your unit will be shipped.

Audio CARL orders will be shipped in the order in which we receive them. Please contact AHead for further information.

Package Includes

  • Your Audio CARL
  • Welcome & Quick Start Guide Documents
  • 3 Sets CARL Ears - One Microphone Light & Dark Pair One Light & Dark Realistic Pair, One Clear Durable Pair
  • Power and USB Cable for connection of your CARL
  • Chromebook to run your Audio CARL software
  • Product Depth 240 mm (9.5")
  • Product Height 300 mm (11.8”)
  • Product Width 240 mm (9.5")
  • Shipping Box Depth 257 mm (10”)
  • Shipping Box Height 406 mm (16")
  • Shipping Box Width 257 mm (10”)
Test Hearing
In-canal recordings
Visualize SPL
Patient Education



in canal recordings made accessible

Microphones mounted at CARL’s eardrum allow for a fully representative ear canal while relying on the validated acoustics of CARL's existing ear anatomies. Output a simple high quality .wav file to simplify your setup.


From our ongoing validation

We program CARL with specific audiograms and are asking students and instructors to test CARL's thresholds and to provide feedback on what they think of the simulator. Our early data looks very promising, with good agreement between the audiograms and the test results, and high ratings of CARL's usefulness as an Audiometry simulator. We plan to finish this work and share it with the field as soon as we can.

Susan Scollie
Director, National Centre for Audiology, London, Canada

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