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CARL is a manikin designed to simulate a hearing loss patient. With Base CARL, users will have a partner to use hearing aids on a simulated patient with CARL's signature realistic ears.

With Camera CARL (Base CARL + Camera Module), users can receive an inside-view to CARL's ear canal. 

The camera system within a Camera CARL will be pre-calibrated from our warehouse. Pre-calibration includes adjusting the camera for proper focal depth, ensuring precise clarity of the transparent ear canal of CARL ears, and properly verifying ear canal positioning within the camera's field of view.

Package Includes

  • Your Camera CARL
  • Welcome & Quick Start Guide Documents
  • 3 CARL Ears - Light Large Transparent, Light Large Opaque, Dark Large Opaque
  • Hardware baggy and hex key for installation
  • USB cord for connection of your CARL
  • Product Depth 255 mm (10.0”)
  • Product Height 360 mm (14.17”)
  • Product Width 264 mm (10.4”)
  • Shipping Box Depth 305 mm (12”)
  • Shipping Box Height 457 mm (18")
  • Shipping Box Width 305 mm (12”)
  • Shipping Weight 3.40 kg (7.5 lbs)
Real Ear Measurements
Cerumen Management
Earmold Impressions
Equipment Training
Prop For Workflow Training
Patient Consulting

An Inside View

With Camera CARL, receive a video feed inside of CARL's ear canal for viewing objects, equipment, and anything else that happens to find its way inside CARL’s canal!


Replicating the anatomy and acoustics of a human volunteer for any of your uses. CARL is your perfect patient for any training, research, or demonstration environment in which you need a patient-realistic model with head, shoulders, and ears.

Implementation Resources

Implementation resources and on-demand support for integration and use of your CARL

Camera CARL DocumentationEverything you need to understand your CARL, set up your CARL, and get started with your implementation!
Download Specifications >Download Quick-Start Guide >Download In-box Documents >
CARL Educational ResourcesCore documents and implementation resources to make the most of your CARL inside of an educational setting.
Education Needs Assessment >Intro to Simulation >See all >
CARL Clinical ResourcesCore documents and implementation resources to make the most of your CARL inside a clinical/corporate environment.
Clinic Needs Assessment >Download CARL for Patient Consultations >See all >
CARL How-To-GuidesIn-depth resources to help you with your day-to-day CARL uses.
Real Ear Measurement >Cerumen Management >See all >

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